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Participation & Plot

These two things go hand in hand for Warden’s Respite. How you chose to participate is intricately tied to how plot will be handled in this game.

Participation & Activity

  • Social Roleplay
  • Downtimes
  • Literaries & Backdated scenes
  • Stories & Songs
  • Plot


  • Self-run scenes. This is where your PC (and maybe some other characters) decide that they want to go do “a thing.” That could be patrolling for banes in the Umbra, it could mean building a playground for the local school house, or it could mean going into San Diego to hunt a vampire. YOU, can run this scene yourself for you and your friends. Your enemies will be “small” and “inconsequential.” If you want to roll the dice for them, look up the stats in W20; or if you and your group would prefer to narrate out the combat or the event, go for it. So long as your actions are not impacting the greater world and there is minimal risk of character death, have a field day. Send the staff a link and a brief summary (a few sentences is fine) when you are done.
  • Player-run scenes. So the difference between Self-run and Player-run, is that Player-run scenes are not being run for that Player’s character; but rather, for others. This can be because someone has asked you to run a thing, maybe an “Enemy” off their character sheet or something. Or, it can be because you as a player have come up with a neat little plot idea that you want to run for others. Bring your idea to the staff, we will hash out the details and approve it, and then you can run with it.
  • Staff run scenes. These will take the form of “plot arcs” that will be run by the storytellers or narrators.
    They will have a clearly planned “beginning, middle, and end.” In between each Season, the ST or Narrator will take a break before starting either the next Arc, or if it is a long plot, the next SECTION of the original Arc.

A note from your HST,