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On Topic Title Format for In Character Posts

This game will use a specific format for the titles of your posts in order to keep the flow of information clear to all players and staff members.

  • – CW – Indicates that there is a Content Warning associated with your scene. If that is the case, please include at the top of the first post of the scene the full and detailed content warning; and if it is starting right away, include enough space that a person looking at that warning does NOT have to see it.
  • [Brackets] in the Title of your thread to help designate it’s location with a larger forum. This is only necessary if the sub forum that your post is in holds other locations.
  • The Title should help indicate what the thread is about.
  • And (Parenthesis) is for who should be involved. The tags Open or Closed, indicate if others not listed are permitted to join or not.

So if you are running a social scene on the board between two characters; it would look like this:

– CW – [Assembly Area] A story about Bob’s Past (Lisa, Frank, Closed)

**The first line of the first post will include:

Content Warning: Discussions of domestic & child abuse, gaslighting & emotional manipulation, and violence.