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On System & Mechanics

PLEASE do not assume that every system/mechanic/write up you find on the Internet is accurate.

There are some amazing resources out there; but just as often the things listed in those resources are either House Ruled for that Setting, completely home brewed, or vastly out of date.

If you want to know about a mechanic that you have heard of or found online, please do the following things in this order:

  1. Check the Systems & Mechanics section to see if this game already HAS a write up for it that WILL include our House Rules (if there are any). You might be surprised at how much stuff is already there.
  2. Check W20, Changing Ways, Rage Across the World, or any of the other 20th Anniversary books.
  3. If it doesn’t exist in W20, then you can reference the “Revised” books.
  4. (May replace 2 or 3, but NOT 1 . . . check the forum please). You may ALWAYS ASK. You can post a question in the “system-questions” channel on the Discord, or in the Player Questions Forum, or in your Character Forum.

In the end, please assume that you are statistically more likely to get incorrect info from random internet sources.

Thank you so much.


Your Storyteller