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On Play Style & Activity Levels

The Basics:

All players are permitted to play up to three Characters: one Garou PC and up to two Kinfolk NPCs. In regard to activity & play style, PCs and NPCs are held to the same expectations. Which means these guidelines apply to all characters you are portraying.

What we are referring to as “Play Style:”

  • Focus on Plot: Plot participation is more important than character development and writing style.
  • Standard: Plot and writing are equally important.
  • Focus on Writing: Character development, writing quality, and writing style are more important than mechanics or plot.

Activity (aka. “Posting Pace”):

  • Slow: One to two posts per scene per week. Scenes will be completed within the required 3-week time limit. Scenes will take as long as they take and may span several threads/topics.
  • Normal: One or more posts per scene every other day. Scenes will usually be completed within one to two weeks.
  • Daily: One or more posts per scene every day. Scenes will be completed within one week.
  • Fast: Multiple posts per scene per day. Scenes will be completed within one to three days.
  • Hardcore: As fast as you can go.

You will be asked to list your Play Style and Activity level in two places: the OOC section of your Character’s Profiles; and in your Character’s Signatures. What this does is help to facilitate transparency between players regarding how much time their scene partner can/will commit to game and what kinds of scenes they like to run.

That said, we have two rules when it comes to using this system:

First, if someone repeatedly asks you for scenes and you are not interested in running them due to their pacing, play style, character type, etc., you’re going to have to tell them outright.

There’s no dodging, no polite demurring, no making up excuses: bite the bullet and say “I like to post at hardcore speeds and can’t really stay interested in scenes where my partner only posts once a day” or “I’m not comfortable with some of the views and behaviors your character has demonstrated and would prefer not to engage with them”. They might surprise you and be able and willing to make some changes in order to write with you. Either way, it cuts down on miscommunications and hurt feelings.

Second, if someone tells you they aren’t interested in running scenes with you, it is your responsibility to manage any resulting feelings.

I can’t tell you not to be hurt or sad or feel rejected, but you don’t get to take that out on someone else. Not every player or character or writing style is going to be everyone else’s cup of tea, and none of us are entitled to anyone’s time or attention simply because we want it. We don’t always get what we want; that’s just a fact of life. Accept it with grace.

But won’t that mean some people might choose not to run scenes with others based on their posting speed or preferred RP type?

Yes. And that is ok. Ultimately, this is a hobby that should be enjoyable; if it’s not enjoyable, what’s the point?

Also, quite frankly, this happens already. Now, it simply happens after you’ve already tried to have a scene with someone, discovered their pace or play style is not for you, forced yourself to post to something you aren’t enjoying, probably hurt everyone’s feelings including your own, and shot morale in the foot. We’re hoping this system will cut down on occurrences of that.

What about favoritism, even among people with similar posting speeds and play styles?

I’m going to contradict myself here, or rather amend an earlier statement. Gaming may be a hobby, but once you enter into a scene with someone, that’s a commitment. We are asking players to respect each other enough to honor that commitment, and specifically to give equal attention to all of their scenes.

What this means in practice is simple: Let’s say you’re a Fast Poster. If you’re in two separate scenes, both of which are with people who say they’re also Fast Posters, you don’t get to meet your activity requirement for the week by posting to scene A once per day while the player sits around waiting on you, and posting to scene B at hardcore speeds for six days straight.

People can see you doing this, and whether or not it’s intentional, it frequently makes the neglected party feel like crap. If you really want to run ten scenes at hyper-speed with someone while only posting to your other scenes once per day, do it over Discord and either post a cleaned up version as a literary or post the chat log to your personal forum.

For some people who prefer to only post to scenes when they’re “feeling it”, this is a tough ask. But as someone who believes in fostering community first, and in looking out for people’s well-being, I’m asking you to help me make this game feel truly inclusive and show respect for the time, energy, and feelings of your fellow gamers.

Remember, you are always allowed to say NO, if someone asks you for a scene. Additionally, if you find yourself in a scene that you are struggling to complete, talk to your scene partner about how it might be remedied or wrapped. If that fails, contact the Staff and we will try to help.

Please remember again, that all of the activity requirements stated are PER CHARACTER, not per player.

Plot Scenes:

If you are in an ST or narrator run plot scene on the boards, you must post to it once every 24 hours. If you miss the deadline without communicating with staff or yours scene partners, staff will post around or for you (in the case of combat) in order to bring the scene to a speedy conclusion.

Group Scenes:

Group scenes take forever. We all know it; the more people in a thread, the less likely it will be finished in a timely fashion if at all. Players are strongly encouraged to keep this in mind while running scenes on the forums.

Quitting or Taking Life Breaks/Going on Vacation/Personal Emergencies:

Life happens. We understand that real life takes priority. But please keep in mind that this game is not just about you. If you want to bow out, we won’t hold it against you. But please tell staff so we can work on the resolution of your stories and ties to other characters. Everyone deserves closure and the staff is happy to facilitate that if you do not wish to.

If you need to be out of game for several days or a week, staff will help resolve your current scenes so you can start fresh when you come back.

If you need to be out longer, staff will work with you to come up with a reason for your character’s absence, and they will be out of town for a while.

If you want to retire the character completely, staff will work with you to plan a Great And Glorious Death or similar incident to remove your PC from play.

Players who are inactive for two weeks with no staff communication will have their character moved to inactive status. Inactivity is gauged from the date of your last communication with staff.

IC explanations for inactivity will be provided in the Public Knowledge forum.