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Getting Started

The first thing you will need to do (if you haven’t already), is to make an account. You won’t be able to see the rest of the board until you do that.

Now that your account is made, we also have this handy Photo Tour of the Board to show you how to access and change things if you are not familiar with JCInk. At the very least you should check out the first image, it shows you how to easily change your color scheme.

I. Read the “fine print”

The following Documents are REQUIRED to read before you start play:

While not required, the following are certainly recommended:

II. Character Creation

  • Review the Character Census and the Restricted, Banned, and/or Capped list.
  • Post your “Concept” in your personal Player Forum. A concept doesn’t have to be very long, anywhere from a few sentences to a few paragraphs. As long as you are not asking for something that is not permitted for some reason, we’re not going to tell you what you can and cannot play. That being said, I have limited tolerance for intentionally created “enemy” PCs. If you are planning to play an antagonistic character, please REREAD the Code of Conduct and Game Policies & Expectations; and understand that “because my PC would” is NOT going to be a permissible excuse for OOC OR IC behaviors.
  • Once your concept is approved, use the step-by-step guides and templates in the Character Creation forum to create your Garou PC. Currently, the game is permitting 1 Garou PC, and 2 Kinfolk NPCs (which have their own Creation Rules). If you genuinely do NOT want to play a Garou, and would prefer to play a Kinfolk as your PC, you may discuss that with the staff in your “Concept” post.
  • Post your sheet and other associated documents in your Character’s personal Subforum.

III. Getting Started in Game

Once your character is approved:

There are numerous other OOC resources available in:

  • the System & Mechanics forum,
  • the Welcome forum has staff announcements, as well as game policies and setting information,
  • the Common Room forum is your go-to for any and all OOC discussion and conversation, and
  • IC information provided in the Public Knowledge forum.

Additionally, you are encouraged to reach out to your fellow players and the game staff on Discord if you have any questions.