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Code of Conduct

  1. This is a Game, it is supposed to be fun. We are all here for a chance to escape the stress and pressure of real life for a time. Your hobby should not be a source of stress or pressure for you.
  2. And in the spirit of that philosophy; please remember that while it is important that you have fun playing your character, it is equally as important that the rest of the game has fun playing with you. Your fellow players are not NPCs.To break this down:
    • It is not your responsibility to chastise, discipline, or ‘correct’ other players. This includes (but is not limited to): telling them how to play their PC, enforcing your view of genre, or “correcting” their OOC behavior.
    • If you feel that a player’s OOC behavior is not adhering to this game’s Code of Conduct or other established expectations, please bring that concern to the staff in a form that is private and documented, such as a PM on the board. There are many things that we would encourage you to handle on your own, or that we will remind you don’t need to be “handled” at all because someone having a “different” view of something doesn’t necessarily mean that either of you are wrong. But anything that violates the Code of Conduct or calls into question the health, safety, and security of other Players is probably not something that should be handled at a Player level.
    • If you feel that a player’s take on genre, is not adhering to this game’s established setting then you may respectfully direct said player to the documented resources that are available on this board. However, what they do with that information is up to them; and they are not required to ‘take your advice.’
    • Please do not argue or fight with staff decisions. I have always been the type of Storyteller to encourage transparency, and this is something I encourage in my staff. If you respectfully come to us with a question we will always be willing to explain why we made the call that we did. If you think, after our explanation, that our call may have been different if we had some form of additional information, then you may bring that information up. If at that point we choose to stick to our ruling, please accept that. If you cannot, and you continue to persist, you will be asked to leave.
    • Don’t cheat. Cheating includes, but is not limited to: Metagaming, using abilities/powers not on your sheet, using counterfeit character sheets, lying to staff, and lying to other players about staff decisions.
    • This is a shared world, and a collective story. Remember what was said above: “Your fellow players are not NPCs.” No one likes a person who is constantly trying to hog the limelight, always turning everything into drama about their PC, or never letting others have their big moments too.
    • Don’t be an asshole, In or Out-of-Character. While we understand not every PC is going to be best friends with every other PC, at the end of the day, we are not interested in having antagonistic characters in this game. PCs should be fighting the world and NPC cast, not the folks who are supposed to have their backs. The same goes OOC–be a good citizen of the community and someone that other people want to play with. If you don’t people well, this game is not for you.
  3. It is your individual responsibility to manage your bleed and your mental health. Please see the On Bleed and On Mental Health, Gaming, and You thread for further information.
  4. Players are responsible for their actions and will accept the consequences of those actions with grace. This means if your PC does something that will get them into trouble, you’re expected to play that through without complaint and without the assumption that “everyone is out to get you”. If you rage quit over it, your account will be deactivated.
  5. In the event of interpersonal conflict, players are asked to first attempt to reach a resolution on their own. If that fails or requires mediation, you should request assistance from Staff.

Consequences of Rule Violations

  • Sanction – We understand that when so much time and investment has been put into something, like your character, stressful situations can cause emotions to run high and heavy. As such, you may be issued a sanction by the staff if you break the rules; to bring your error to your attention and give you the chance to take a breather and come back with a clear head and a better attitude. Should this occur in the middle of the scene, the scene will be paused and you will be addressed privately.
  • Suspension – Sometimes, when emotions run high, you need to take a break from the environment that is fostering those emotions. Or, sometimes, the rest of the game needs a break from you. If your violation is not severe enough to warrant being barred from the game entirely; the Staff will suspend your account for a set period of time. If after that time lapses, you wish to rejoin the game, then you will be given another chance.
  • Banned – If the offense is severe enough, you will be banned from the game.

Please be aware that this is not a “tiered” consequence system. Depending on the nature and severity of the offense, you are not entitled to warnings or suspensions before you are banned. That being said, under most circumstances, the Staff will always attempt to give you the opportunity to change your behavior.

Additional Reminders and Expectations

  1. The staff is always willing to hear you out, as long as you come to us politely, respectfully, and without heated personal emotions. That being said, being told NO is not the same thing as being ignored.
  2. Keep IC conflicts IC. Just because someone’s character does not like- or agree with- your character; does not mean that their PLAYER has a problem with YOU. Do not engage in the knee jerk reaction of blaming or hating a player because of their character’s actions; that gets into bleed territory.

If you feel you’re starting to head down this road or worry another player might be, you have a responsibility to do a check-in with them to ensure things are ok. Players should always attempt to communicate directly with one another to resolve interpersonal problems. If this is unsuccessful or players are having difficulty communicating, they may reach out to staff members for mediation/assistance.

I understand that, especially for some people, direct confrontation is scary. However, in online games in particular, it is crucial. If this isn’t something you can make yourself do when it’s necessary, this is not the game for you.

(A deep thank you to Jill Helding for the majority of the write up!)